KBC WhatsApp Number +971564789024

KBC WhatsApp Number +971564789024

Nowadays a Fake WhatsApp message is being sent to the people in which are promised a lottery of twenty-five lakhs. WhatsApp is an application that works to connect people. A new WhatsApp scam has been launched. Fraudsters are using the name of KBC to seduce innocent people and seize their money. People are told that in this lucky draw your number is also included and you have won 25 lakhs. It’s just a trick of the scammers to ensnare people. When all this is a matter of fact because whatever is the lucky draw of KBC, it is shown on Sony TV. If you also receive this type of message, you do not pay attention to it, because you can be deceived in any way Just Dial KBC WhatsApp Number 00971564789024.

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Mumbai

On KBC Official Website The Organization Introduces KBC Head Office Number Which Is +971564789024. You Can Contact On That Number to Find Out The Real Instruction About KBC Lottery Winner List 2022. KBC Head office representatives will come up with a solution according to your problem. KBC Head Office Number Working As Main Head Office Number. Call your KBC Head Office now to confirm your lottery and get a chance to win some very valuable prizes. If someone has given you a fake lottery number, call us and register your complaints. Get complete information about your lottery from us because we have appointed a separate team to resolve lottery complaints. Our Lottery Department Working 24 Hours Customers On KBC WhatsApp number Now.

KBC WhatsApp Helpline Number

As you know it is very important to have a lot of balance to call any head office these days. But now KBC has also solved this problem. Now people can contact the KBC WhatsApp helpline number without any balance. You do not need to lose any of your balance for the absolute knowledge of KBC Lucky Draw 2022 Because now all your complaints will be retrieved on WhatsApp Helpline. Contact the KBC WhatsApp Helpline now and have a great opportunity to join the KBC Lottery Winner List 2022.

How To Contact KBC Head Office Number?

Now you can easily contact KBC head office number. All you have to do is follow a few rules. Now expand on KBC’s website and click on the given WhatsApp button and your contact will be the KBC Head Office number automatically. If you want to know the list of KBC lottery winners or how to check the KBC lottery Online, please contact our head office. Our representatives will tell you an easy way to check the lottery so you don’t have to worry. Just Dial KBC Contact Number And Be A Part Of KBC Lottery Winner Latest List 2022.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner Number 2022
KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner Number 2022

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner Number 2022

We Played A Lottery Competition With the Contribution Of WhatsApp company in 2022. In this competition, lottery winners are selected with the help of WhatsApp company and they are given a specific lottery number. With the help of this lottery number, lucky winners check their lottery and get their Lottery Amount. If you have a lottery number for the WhatsApp lottery competition, please confirm it with our head office. After checking your lottery number you will be told if your lottery number is real or fake. If you have taken your WhatsApp lottery number from KBC, don’t share it with anyone because Doing This You Can Lose Your Winning Lottery And Your Winning Lottery Depends On This Lucky Lottery Number.

If you tell someone your lucky lottery number, someone might win your lottery and you just keep watching. We will not be able to help you in such a situation and we will not be responsible for it. Do not trust any fake lottery number provider unless it is confirmed that this lottery number is verified by KBC Head Office. Keep your lottery number Safe and beware of fraudsters. In case of any emergency, contact The KBC Head Office Helpline number.

KBC Head Office Helpline Number

Now you can find the answers to the absolute questions of KBC Lucky Draw by calling the KBC Head Office Helpline number. If your lottery complaints have not been processed, report them to KBC Head Office now. If you haven’t had a chance to join Lucky Draw yet, register now by visiting our website. KBC Head Office Helpline Number Is +971564789024. The KBC Head Office number has been Published because so many people found it difficult to get to the head office. You can call the KBC Head Office Helpline number for free and you can get all the information About KBC Season 13 Lucky draw.

How To Participate In KBC 25 Lakh Lucky draw 2022

Dear KBC Customers Now Everyone Participates In KBC 25 Lakh Lucky Draw By following The Simple Steps.

  • Recharge your SIM on a daily basis
  • The more you recharge your SIM, the more chances you have of joining KBC 25 Lakh Lucky Draw 2022
  • You can also register yourself by texting KBC Head Office WhatsApp number
  • You can also participate in the KBC Lucky Draw by purchasing lottery tickets online

Latest News For KBC lottery Winners 2022

KBC has created a separate database system for lottery winners that will be difficult for any winner in the future. Now you can check your lottery with your mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection. The data of all KBC Winners is stored in a specific place and the name of New Winners is displayed in the list. If you would like a list of KBC All-Time Lottery winners, you can get one by contacting our representative. You will be given a list of winners according to your recommendation. KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number For KBC lottery Winner Is +971564789024.

KBC Head Office Adress And WhatsApp Number List

No:KBC WhatsApp NumberKBC Head Office Location
3.00971564789024New Dehli
KBC Head Office Number City Wise

WhatsApp Lucky Draw Winner List 2022

KBC has released its list of this month’s WhatsApp lucky draw winners. This is a new lucky draw that only contains WhatsApp numbers. If you visit our website on a daily basis then you will have absolute knowledge of WhatsApp Lucky Draw. Those who use their WhatsApp more are participating in WhatsApp lucky draw Contest. In fact, WhatsApp Lucky Draw is also held twice a month by KBC Company. If your WhatsApp number is also included in the list of lucky winners, please contact the KBC Head Office Helpline without any hesitation. Our representative will inform you in full detail about how you joined the WhatsApp lucky draw.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner List 2022

  • MR. Amir Shehzad Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 76213 WhatsApp Number 954*******21
  • MR. Ismail Lottery amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 43221 WhatsApp Number 932******44
  • MR. Morli Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 652017 WhatsApp Number 876******98
  • MR. Balraj Kumar Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 89901 WhatsApp Number 991*******31
  • MR. Hardik Pandya Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery number 789000 WhatsApp Number 831******11
  • MR. Arjun Kumar Lottery Amount 25 lakh Lottery Number 4449000 WhatsApp Number 751******44
  • MISS. Neha Kumari Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 339000 WhatsApp Number 909*****12
  • MISS. Vidya Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 4432000 WhatsApp Number 712*****43
  • MR. Arjun Patel lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 909099 WhatsApp Number 776*****22
  • MR. Ajay Kumar Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 44320 WhatsApp Number 910*******34

KBC Lottery Winner List 2022 Previous Month

  • MR. Ashok Lottery number 324512 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp number 910*****88
  • MR. Balraj Lottery Number 99101 Lottery amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 897*****32
  • MR. Amir Khana Lottery Number 44107 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 981****21
  • MR. Kunj Lottery Number 50980 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 789******12
  • MR. Rahul Lottery Number 652019 Lottery Amount 25 lakh WhatsApp number 756*******33
  • MISS. Nadia Lottery Number 98701 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 643*****34
  • MISS. Saniya Lottery Number 34201 Lottery Amount 25 lakh WhatsApp Number 889******44
  • MR. Dubina Lottery Number 12090 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 680*****90
  • MR. Ajay Kumar Lottery Number 420980 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 432*****01
  • MR. Pandya Lottery Number 89001 Lottery Amount 25 Lakh WhatsApp Number 961******12

KBC 7 Crore Lottery Winner

As season 13 approaches, the audience is getting more and more excited. Let’s take a look at the winners of our previous quiz show and see where they are now.

Season 12 – Mohita Sharma And Nazia Nasim IPS officer Mohita Sharma and Nazia Nasim were the two crorepatis of Kaun Banega Crorepati 12. They became the all-female clan to win Rs 1 crore and scream women’s power. Both the women impressed host Amitabh Bachchan with their knowledge and gameplay.

Season 11 – Sanoj Raj, Babita Tade, Ajeet Kumar, Gautam Kumar Jha Sanoj Raj came to the first competitor to win Rs 1 crore on the eleventh season of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Back also, he aspired to come to an IAS officer. Piecemeal from him, Babita Tade also won a crore. She’d prepare khichdi for academy kiddies and earn Rs 1500 yearly, which left Big B shocked. Another crorepati, Ajeet Kumar from Bihar was quick with his answers and played the game fleetly. He used only two lifelines- followership bean and flip the question-until he reached the top. Ajeet is a jail supervisor. He preliminarily worked with Indian Railroads as a station master over 16 times

KBC Season 10 Winner

Season 10 – Binita Jain Banta Jaaye has Won season 10 of KBC and now she is giving a better life to her kids. After winning the lottery, he became a teacher at the school and helped her family.

Season 9 – Anamika Majumdar Anamika is a social worker and works in NGO. He was the first millionaire of Season 9 and he invested his money in improving Ngo. We hope to have a good life after winning the lottery.

Season 8 – Achin Narula and Sarthak Narula The Narula Brother, Achan & Sarthak Was a resident of Delhi who got a chance to come on the hot seat and won the lottery of Rs 7 Crore. The two brothers used the money they earned to pay for their mother’s cancer treatment.

KBC season 7 Lottery Winner

Season 7 – Firoz Fatima and Taj Mohammad Rangrez Feroz Fatima was the first woman to take part in Geo and made a fortune of Rs 10 million. Feroz Fatima for dropping out of school due to her father’s death. Now She using the money she won to improve her family. Another Participant. Another winner, Taj Mohammad Rangers, also won a lottery of up to Rs 1 Crore. He is a teacher by profession. He spent the money he earned on marrying orphaned girls and getting his daughter treated.

Season 6 – Sunmeet Kaur Sunmeet Kaur holds a degree in Fashion Designing After winning the lottery money, he has built his own fashion house. Sunmeet Kaur is one of the most knowledgeable and understanding women who has demonstrated her talent in KBC.

Season 5 – Sushil Kumar Sushil Kamar is a computer engineer who has won a lottery of Rs 5 Crore. He was the first winner of the show to win so much money. According to one of his posts, he won 50 million rupees and divorced his wife. He ruined his life after getting drunk.

Season 4 – Rahat Taslim Rahat Taslim participated in season four and made history by winning Rs 1 Crore. Rahat was completing her medical education when she got married. She has opened a clothing showroom after winning the lottery and is now doing good business.

Season 2 – Brajesh Dubey No winners emerged in KBC Season Two, while Brijesh Dubey won Rs 1 Crore in Season Three. Brijesh is an engineer by profession.

Season 1 – Harshwardhan Nawathe Harshvardhan Nawa received a call from KBC while he was offering his services. He was the first lucky winner of the show to win the show and pursue his higher education. He Is A Good business Man Now.

KBC Online WhatsApp Number Winner

Now you can check the names of KBC Online WhatsApp Number winners online on our website for free. All you have to do is open this page and find your name and WhatsApp Number in the list Of KBC Lottery Winner 2022. On this page, you will find a list of people who win online lotteries at home. Under KBC’s modern lottery system, you can now win lotteries at home. You do not need to buy any lottery tickets to participate in KBC Online Lucky Draw 2022. You can join KBC online lucky draw with your WhatsApp number. Just Dial KBC WhatsApp Number and Your number will be added to KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2022. If You Want More Information About KBC Online WhatsApp Number Winner you can call on KBC Main Head Office Number 00971564789024. Our Officials provide you with the latest list of KBC WhatsApp Lottery winners.

KBC Fake WhatsApp Number Lottery Call

Dear KBC Lucky Draw winner 2022 if you watch KBC live show, you will know the KBC WhatsApp number lucky draw that is played every month or the thousands of WhatsApp numbers are included in it. When the fraudsters found about KBC WhatsApp lucky Draw, they tried to trap our winners in various ways. These peoples use WhatsApp messages or text messages to deceive our winners and give their WhatsApp number in the message.

Some of our innocent friends tricked them into calling calling them to pick their lottery while it was a scam of fraudsters. These peoples show you that they are the representative of KBC while they have some fake proofs which can be not used by the KBC head office. If you continue to be decided by these fraudsters, you will lose yourself, and then you will be able to do nothing but turn back. We keep you informed of the different ways to avoid it. You can save yourself by following our tips. If you want to inform us about your complaint we solve your problem as soon as possible. Just KBC WhatsApp Helpline number 00971564789024 to submit you fake lottery call complaint. You can also save this number to your WhatsApp account because we available on WhatsApp everytime.

If you trust them, you willbe responsible for it. Visit our website and learn about how to avoid KBC Fake WhatsApp Number Lottery Calls. Our lottery manager Rana Partab Singh at KBC live show tells our winners how to avoid these scammers.

KBC Office Staff Members WhatsApp Number

  • Rohit Kumar WhatsApp number 00971564789024
  • Rana Partab Singh WhatsApp number +971564789024
  • MR. Vijay Kumar WhatsApp number 00994403821234
  • MISS. Neha Patel WhatsApp Number +994403821234
  • MR. Vinod Kumar WhatsApp number +447441428494