KBC lottery winner 2022 list – KBC lottery winner 25 lakh list

KBC JIO Lottery winner list 2022, absolutely yes; there is no reduction on the mobile number sent to the KBC for registration. Keep in mind that the department avoids scams and what you do if you see fake numbers. The only thing you can do is safe from fake numbers still you can not confirm your lottery from KBC Department. When you verify your lottery you can cash out your lottery by calling from KBC head office Helpline number. You should wait until you can receive a confirmation call from the KBC official team. KBC lottery winner list.

KBC official website page 2022 lottery

Dear KBC lottery winner 2022 if you face any problem during the confirmation of your lottery, don’t worry, just take your phone and contact to KBC official helpline number. Our Official team will resolve your issue about your lottery. Our Officials Will be available via WhatsApp or Landline Number. Call Us Now on WhatsApp Number 009715647890024. Our customer support will be available 24 hours.

KBC JIO lottery winner list

Now everyone can register herself in KBC lucky draw and gain a lottery of 25 lakh. Don’t waste your time and your knowledge keep your phone and contact in KBC head office Helpline number. You will be the next KBC 25 lakh, lottery winner.

KBC lottery winner list 2022 25 lakh lottery

NoKBC Winner NameLottery Amount Lottery Number Winner Mobile Number
1Mr. Yashraj Kunj25,00,000 999098879******990
2Mr. Rajesh khan25,00,000 778609903******879
3Mr. Kunj Patel25,00,000 888799990******876
4Mr. Bihari Lal25,00,000 667908876******009
5Mr. Amir khana25,00,0005564707756******889
6Mr. Ismail khan25,00,000 999897765******789

KBC (Konbanegacrorpati) lottery winner list

Anyone had Indian citizenship or is 18 years old should be participating in KBC lucky draw and gain a lottery prize of 25 lakhs. The participants should be well qualified and mentally fit for registered in KBC lottery Prize Game Show.

KBC Latest Lottery Winner list 2022

  • Rajesh Kumar yadav Lottery Amount 25,00,000/- INR City Mumbai Date 03-06-2021
  • Amir Khan Singhania Lottery Amount 25,00,000/- INR City Dehli Date 09-03-2022
  • Md Ismail Khan Lottery Amount 25,00,000/-INR City Kolkata Date 12-03-2022
  • Vijay kumar rathore Lottery Amount 25,00,000/-INR Date 15-03 2022
  • Mr Arjun Kumar Lottery Amount 25,00,000/-INR Date 18-03-2022
  • Mr Raju lal Patel Lottery Amount 25,00,000/-INR Date 20-03-2022
  • Muhammad khalid Khan Lottery Amount 25,00,000/- 02-04-2022
  • Mia Shifaullah Khan Lottery Amount 25,00,000/-INR 06-04-2022
  • Mia Sajid Khan lodhi Lottery Amount 25,00,000/- 09-05-2022
  • Sultan Allahudin khilji Lottery Amount 25,00,000/- 15-05-2022

We also announce from KBC’s official web page, it’s very important to know the primary rules and regulations of KBC to keep away from disappointment. Now KBC lottery game show has been connected to all Indian sim cards. To win the KBC game you need to obey the rules and regulations. This act would preserve you and highly decrease the prospect of inauspicious conditions.

KBC lottery game show has improved the lives of various people, and you can gain so much money by playing the KBC web show. This would make sure that you get a great KBC lottery 2022 knowledge. We want to know from you that you get a chance to connect in the KBC lottery winner list 2022. Contact us now!

KBC lottery winner Number 2022

The maximum question of customers is How to Participate in KBC lottery Show? If You find any trouble at any step, don’t hesitate, just contact to KBC official team or call on KBC head office number. Our team will connect you via WhatsApp or Helpline Number and guide you on how complete the process of the KBC lottery. Connect us at 00971564789024 for a live call-in KBC Contact on +447441428494.

KBC lottery game show has allowed all, customers to win amazing prices

There is so much prevalence of fake lottery Calls trying to take the benefit of KBC Customers and deceive their lottery prize. Our Officials team will available every time to respond and guide you via WhatsApp or Helpline number. You don’t need to respond to any fake lottery papers or lottery calls they will hurt you and your family. They only want to steal your personal data don’t reply to them.

Maximum entries on Sony Mobile App

There are lots of questions nowadays about the KBC lottery registration process that is a simple and easiest method to register yourself in KBC next season. Now you can join KBC season 13 by following the simple and easy steps. The first step is to recharge your JIO SIM Card daily, daily recharge would increase the chances of your entire. Make your entire process through Sony mobile app maximum entries would increase the chances of your lottery registration. Don’t worry if you find difficulty at any step. Just take your Mobile Phone and contact the KBC team. Our team will available to guide you through Phone and WhatsApp.

We welcome our beloved visitors to our Official site. We provide you with the newest news to our customers about the KBC lottery show or KBC lucky draw. On our website page, you get specific, authoritative, and fact-based information.

KBC 25 Lakh Lottery winner

Want to collect your lottery the KBC official website page helps out you to all KBC lottery winners to collect the lottery prizes without any problem. Our Official KBC Helpline Number is available to connect us anytime for any type of prize inquiry. We are glad to help out you. Want to get more information and want more chances to win KBC lucky draw then recharge your SIM Card routinely.

Time duration of the lottery announcement it’s a piece of great news for all the beloved participants that the KBC lucky draw will be played two times a month. We announced the KBC lottery winners list on our website page on the date of 15th or 30th. We will also announce that you can easily check the latest information about KBC lucky draw on this website and you can also call us for the latest KBC lottery winner list. KBC Helpline Number, it’s a general solution for gaining prize money.

KBC Head office Number

It is a humble request to all KBC lottery winners don’t respond to any Unkown or fake lottery calls they are fraudsters the maximum number of fake calls code start with 0092******; Pakistan country code or +92 you can mostly receive fake calls from that numbers. That is the KBC head office official Helpline number 00971564789024. You can also check this number without any hesitation is that KBC real Head office Number or not. You can claim your prize with simple steps.

Contact our Officials now and dial KBC head office WhatsApp Number mentioned on our website page. Our Officials Will reply to you as soon as possible. JIO Lottery winner 2022 gets JIO SIM and get participate in the biggest lottery game show in the history of India. The only thing you can do is recharge your SIM card daily and increase the chances of becoming a KBC lottery winner in 2022.

KBC Lottery 25 Lakh 2022

How to register in the KBC lottery show? Contenders should be well educated and mentally fit and qualified with high knowledge can register in KBC lottery Show.

KBC lottery game show has improved the lives of various people in India, and you had a chance to gain a great amount by playing the KBC lottery show. You can enter in KBC lottery Show by simple registration process the registration details will be mentioned on our page. There are lots of Indians who win the huge lottery amounts from KBC 13 seasons. Our Official team will be available every time for your support if you face any difficulties at any time you can call us at KBC head office Helpline number 00971564789024. Don’t worry just click on the WhatsApp button that appears on our website you will be redirected to KBC head office WhatsApp number 00971564789024. Our Officials Will respond to you immediately after your Call.

KBC JIO Winner Lottery List 2022

The main question of every Indian or KBC lover is How to Participate in KBC lucky draw 2022. That is a very simple process you can contact us from your JIO SIM Card Or Airtel SIM Card Number. When you call us your number will be applied for KBC lucky draw season 13. KBC lottery registration process is open 5 hours a day you can call us between 8 pm to 12 pm. If you want prize inquiry from KBC you can call us any time. Our team will take action after your call. Contact Us Now for KBC Live chat or WhatsApp Call 00971574789024 or +447441428494.

The only main purpose of the KBC team is that save people from scams because in that current situation there are lots of our beloved customers will be scammed by fraudsters. We will take legal action against them and catch them out as soon as possible because they want to defame the name of the greatest show of all time the KBC lottery fame show. You can avoid it because the only thing they can do is steal your personal data like your bank account your id card or your other personal things. They will hurt you and your family.

Please be safe from them if they stole your money from your bank account KBC will be not responsible for this because we announced time after time about the frauds now that’s depend on you how you can avoid them and save yourself from Scammers. Be safe and be smart if you need help contact KBC head office Helpline number 00971564789024 o4 KBC toll-free number +447441428494.