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KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number: 00971564789024

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Mumbai
No:JIO KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number
1.KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Mumbai 00971564789024
2.KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Dehli +971564789024
3.KBC Head Office Helpline WhatsApp Number Kolkata 00971564789024
4.KBC All India Head office Number 00971564789024

Senior lottery Manager MR Rohit Kumar

KBC Helpline Head office Mumbai

Dear Customers KBC appreciates your patience about KBC Lottery Registration and we also know there are lots of our beloved customers waiting for the opening of the KBC Lottery Show. We are glad that your wait is coming to an end because the registration of Kon Banga Crorepati is opening now. Now you can register at any time in our show. Your registration is only for one call from you. When you call on KBC Head office WhatsApp Number Or KBC Helpline Center Your Registration Process Will be Started. Take Your Phone And Call Us Now At KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number. You can also register in our office. KBC helpline Center Mumbai Open for You Every Time. If You Are not able to come to KBC Head Office you call Us at KBC Helpline Contact Number. Our Officials Guide you exactly about your registration Process.

KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number

We Also announce KBC head office WhatsApp Number Mumbai For our beloved customers. If you have not yet received the lottery payment, you can call our head office to pick up your lottery. KBC (Kon Banega Crorepati) Is the most famous show in India which is loved by every fourth big person in India. If you are a lottery winner and you have a problem winning the lottery, you can call us at KBC Head Office helpline Number Mumbai. If you would like to have an absolute lottery inquiry, call us immediately. We will process and process your absolute lottery complaints as soon as possible. It is our mission to ensure that our Catholics do not have any problems. If so, they can contact us.

KBC Helpine Center Mumbai

KBC Department Decided that we will train our customers to avoid fake calls and give them the best information. Nowadays, thousands of Indians return their valuable money in the guise of scammers. That is why we have decided that no Indian will fall back into the hands of these scammers and protect himself. We have now set up a KBC helpline center so that people can avoid falling prey to these scammers. If you also get a fake call Regarding KBC Lottery Absolute, you should immediately contact KBC Helpline Center Mumbai. KBC Department Official Helpline Number 00971564789024.

Our official WhatsApp number is available on our website for those who are interested in getting information and who want a solution to their problem. Here Is The KBC Head Office Helpline Number 00971564789024 is the KBC Official Helpline Number. Contact Us Now For The KBC Online Registration Or KBC Lottery Prize query. When You Call Us Our staff Members Guide You regarding Your Problem. You Must Call Us If any member provides you wrong information. We take action against them as soon as possible.

Kon Banega Crorepati Main Head Office contact Number

You know that every administration has its own head office. That is why we have introduced our office for those who want to register, want to audition, and have the lottery investigated. Our goal is to solve every problem and that is why our team is at your service 24 hours a day. If You Want to get your verified lottery number you can call us without any hesitation at KBC Head Office Number 00971564789024.

The KBC Official Staff of the head office is on duty to file your complaints regarding the KBC lottery number, registration problem, Lottery not claimed, fake lottery calls, and for further information about KBC Department. KBC Customers Support Helpline number available for all types of inquires. If you want to register yourself or your family member in KBC Season 13 then Call now at KBC Head Office Number. audition for the KBC Lottery show, you have to call the KBC Helpline Center Mumbai. If you haven’t received your lottery payment yet, Visit our Department and collect your amount now. Don’t forget to give your feedback.

KBC Helpline Center Mumbai 2022
KBC Lottery Winner List 2022

KBC Incom Tax on KBC Lottery Winner

Further, you must know about the value of income tax, You will need to know about your tax that will apply to the amount you win according to the income Tax Department of India. You must pay 30% of your won amount to the Income Tax Department, which will be deducted from your lottery. Keep visiting our official website page for all instructions regarding KBC Lottery, KBC Lucky Draw Winner List, Or other Information Regarding KBC Department.

You know very well that the department team has its own help branch. We have the capability to solve our customers’ problems in minutes. please call us now at our authentic helpline number or contact us VIA Email Or WhatsApp Number to Report Your Issue. We are glad to answer you’re important question. Keep Visiting Our Website for all instructions and give us your great feedback.

KBC JIO Lucky Draw WhatsApp 2022

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you that we have unveiled our latest Lucky Draw Winner List. In this lucky draw, the lottery amount ranges from 25 lakhs to 35 lakhs. Dear Customers you have not yet registered in our KBC JIO Lucky Draw WhatsApp, pick up your phone now and call at KBC Head office Number. If you also want to try your luck in the lottery of 25 lakhs or 35 lakhs, call us on the KBC Head Office WhatsApp number Mumbai now. If you believe in your destiny and consider yourself a lucky person, then call KBC WhatsApp Number without waiting.

How To Get KBC Lottery Ticket Number 2022

Now it is easy for you to join the lucky draw. Now your WhatsApp number will also be included in our lucky draw. If you have won the lottery in our lucky draw and you have not yet received the lottery, call us without any hesitation. Your won amount will be credited to your account after deducting 30%. You can’t expand our head office because of the Coronavirus because it is useful for you.

Your amount will be credited to your account online and you will be given a statement of your payment which will be given by the tax income department. You can withdraw your lottery amount from any bank at any time. We would like to inform you that you will not deposit the payment in any fake account. Call Us at KBC Head Office Number Mumbai 00971564789024. KBC JIO Lucky Draw Winner 2022.

KBC JIO Lucky Draw Winner List WhatsApp 2022

No.Winner NameMobile NumberLottery NumberWinning Amount
1.Mr. Raj Pandya987******0096520225,00,000 INR
2.Mr. Luckshay Khana901******5649709925,00,000 INR
3.Mr. Ismail Khan871******23453200225,00,000 INR
4.Mr. Amir Khan756*******2119909925,00,000 INR
5Mr. Yadav Kumar897******54388709925,00,000 INR
6.Mr. Rahul Kumar872*****23156700925,00,000 INR