JIO KBC Lottery Winner list – JIO KBC Lottery Winner 2022

Dear beloved participants or customers your security is first priority of KBC if any unknown person Call and ask you to deposit money to their bank account on behalf of KBC don’t deposit any amount to their bank account and report them to the KBC head office Helpline number immediately they are fraudsters, not KBC team members. Dear Customers, we ensure that should be safe from Scammers. Kon Banega crorepati our partners use cookies to ensure we show you ads similar to you. We add a data limit containing the type of participants your age group and your gender is that a Customer male or female. Know more about changes continue to learn JIO Lottery winner list– JIO 25 Lakh Lottery winner keep visiting

KBC lottery winner list 2022

The total number of questions according to the KBC lottery game show has changed to the JIO KBC lottery winner list. Now the participants use 4 lifelines in-game. Now you can be registered in KBC lucky draw by calling in KBC head office number. The participants who want to register in KBC should be visited their nearest KBC office. Our team will be available and guide you through the procedure for KBC lottery registration. We also publish the JIO KBC lottery winner list every month. If you want further details about KBC then contact to KBC head office number.

KBC lottery winner list 2022

Dear Customers, you can contact our helpline number. Our legendary host Amitabh Bachan had shot 62 episodes then the schedule of episodes is 85. Amitabh Bachan fell ill before the shooting of KBC Season 12 but they will complete Season 12 with high potential and energy. Now the host will be ready to entertain the audience with the new season of KBC season 13. Registrations will be opened for KBC season 13. You can register yourself by calling in KBC office.

KBC Lottery Winner list 25 lakh 2022

NoKBC Winner NameLottery AmountLottery Number Winner Mobile number
1Mr. Arjun75,00,00099987898******980
2Mr. Rahul85,00,00099909776******900
3Mr. Amir65,00,000652017886******998
4Mr. Ismail25,00,000778900998******704
5Mr. Gelu35,00,000667545989******600

Additionally, in the starting season of KBC. The contestant had a short time limit for answering the questions. However, the highest winning amount in the KBC was 7 Crore Indian rupees.

Contact to KBC head office number and get your KBC registered lottery number. And get a chance to become a KBC lottery winner and get a chance to gain a lottery of 25 lakhs. There are some fraudsters using the name of KBC JIO Lucky Draw.

KBC Head office Helpline Number

Dear Customers you don’t need to deposit any charges to any bank account until you confirm from the KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number JIO KBC lottery winner 2022. JIO KBC Helpline Number will be available and respond to you instantly.

Now every Indian citizen above 18 years gets a chance to gain a WhatsApp lottery prize of 25 lakh. The only thing is that you should be a valid id card. The highest lottery winning amount is 7 crore. There are no restrictions and extra struggle to win the KBC jackpot. Thus we should play a KBC WhatsApp lucky draw with the contribution of five international countries. In that lucky draw, our customers should be gain a lottery of 35 lakh to 1 crore.

The KBC WhatsApp lucky draw will be played by the contribution of five countries their name is United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Australia, And India. The KBC WhatsApp lucky draw will be based on every Indian WhatsApp number. You do need to register in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw because every single WhatsApp Number will be included in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw Or JIO KBC Lottery Winner List.

If you receive a lottery paper or WhatsApp call regarding KBC WhatsApp lucky draw you should be confirmed it by calling KBC Helpline Number. Because there are lots of Scammers who Will be appearing at that time that’s why we will ensure you if you win the lottery prize you will be informed by the KBC head office WhatsApp Number. If you receive a WhatsApp lottery paper then Don’t reply to those people because they are fraudsters. If you reply to them they will steal your money. Our customers who win the lottery should be informed by the KBC official team. Please be aware of Scammers.

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number

KBC Web Show has allowed everyone to win amazing prizes and the biggest lottery amounts. In the history of KBC, the show will be shot outside Mumbai. That is a great opportunity to fulfill your dreams. The legendry host Amitabh Bachan will be prepared for KBC season 13 with a new style and with lots of energy and stamina. The KBC season 13 will be on air on Sony TV on July 25. You should wait until 25 July for enjoying the KBC wonderful Show of all time. Amitabh Bachan is ready to amuse the audience. Now you can win amazing prizes like laptops mobile phones led TV And other amazing gifts while the KBC show goes live.

The only process you can do is install the Sony App on your mobile phone and you can answer the questions that will appear on your app. Your answer will be capable while the show was live. If your answer was correct then you get a chance to be on the hot seat with Amitabh Bachan or other amazing prizes. If you win the prize your prize will be delivered to your doorstep. You should wait while your order was delivered.

JIO KBC Head Office Contact Number

These days you should receive several Calls and lottery papers to your WhatsApp or your Phone Number. The maximum numbers are Starting from 92**** or the Internet numbers like +121 or similar numbers. If you receive a call from any of them stay hold and disconnect the line immediately while your lottery was not confirmed by JIO KBC Head Office. The Scammers will know about KBC lucky draw and they will use the name of KBC and defame the name of our department. The KBC Show changed the lifestyle of so many poor people and Scammers take advantage of KBC. We will take action against them and we catch them out as soon as possible.

You should be safe from these fraudsters they will only hurt innocent peoples they don’t know how they will be contacted in KBC and confirmed their lottery also they don’t know exactly that they are KBC lottery winners o4 not yet. If you trust those types of calls you should lose your hard earn money and lose your personal data may be the Scammers will be able to start blackmailing you after getting your personal data and you can do anything for saving yourself. if you pay any charges to their bank account your money will be lost and KBC Department will not be responsible for this act. We announce that information daily. If you will receive any fake lottery call you should report it by calling in KBC head office number. We will take action immediately against them.

KBC Lottery Winner WhatsApp 2022

JIO KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List Whatsapp KBC Official Website Lottery Winner The message also notes that this lucky draw was made by KBC lottery winner 2022 KBC JIO by famous personalities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani, and even Narendra Modi. Fake message about the popular game show is doing rounds on the instant messaging app. Kaun Banega Crorepati, the book, is a useful guide to prepare for the quiz and win KBC. This well-researched book follows the same module as the KBC quiz show. Kaun Banega Crorepati is presented in a question-answer format, just like the live quiz which helps aspiring contestants to get a practical idea of how questions will be asked. If you are living in Mumbai.

You may KBC lottery winner 2022 contact Mumbai KBC head office helpline numbers regarding problems. You pay different charges such as bank transfer, Income taxes, govt taxes, Five or seven amount transferring charges. This show contains a series of questions that are based on current affairs, general knowledge, history, geography, and more. Just like in the Kaun Banega Crorepati game, the book also gives the readers an option of using the lifelines in case they are stuck on a question.

KBC Fake WhatsApp number Lottery Call 2022

The KBC Users are Getting Informed by the cheaters about their Jio KBC lottery Prize. The Users are disappointed about their KBC Lottery prize. In a disappointing way, the Customers don’t, know what to do now in That Situation. They comprehend the way of scammers. Be Save and contact an authoritative Our KBC helpline Number 00971564789024. 

Dear Customers If Any Person Had Indian Citizenship and Must be 18 Years old will be had a chance to Participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2022 And Win Amazing Prizes. The Biggest Prize Amount In KBC Lucky Draw 2021 is 7 Crore. If You Think You hade A Ability to Participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2022. Take Your Phone And Call Now On KBC Head Office Number. Our Officials Will Guide You on How You Can Get A Membership Card Of KBC Lucky Draw 2022. Dear Customers There are No Extra Efforts To Win KBC Lottery Prize. We, Will, ensure You How to Participate In KBC Lucky draw 2022.

If You Feel any Hazitation Just Take your Phone And call Now To KBC Officials. Our KBC Department Make A Some Changes In KBC Lucky Draw. IN KBC Lucky Draw We Will Short Answers Its Number is 14. We Made Some Minor Changes In KBC Lucky Draw The Double Dip will Be Converted Into 50:50. In KBC Lucky draw Only a Verified person Should Be entered In KBC Head Office. No One Can be Entered on Behalf Of Other Person.